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Movies similar to The Big Lebowski and Caddyshack?

I am trying to get a birthday gift for a guy friend. I want to get him a movie that I know he will like. Some of his favorites are Caddyshack, The Big Lebowski, Old Yeller, The Swiss Family Robinson, and Castaway. Are there any similar movies to those that I could get??
From what you have provided above, seems that his tastes range quite wide. But if he likes The Big Lebowski, he should find the following to his taste too: -- INTOLERABLE CRUELTY - George Clooney & Catherine Zeta Jones in a war of the sexes black comedy -- RAISING ARIZONA - Nic Cage & Holly Hunter in a zany comedy about a childless couple that decide to kidnap one of the quintuplets of a wealthy family. -- GO - fast paced multi-layered thriller. -- I LOVE YOU TO DEATH - black comedy featuring Kevin KLine, Keanu Reeves & Tracy Ullman -- LOCK STOCK & TWO SMOKING BARRELS - British stylish comic-caper about a diamond, a dog and a bunch of gangsters -- THE ITALIAN JOB (latest) - an excellent remake of the original heist movie with Edward NOrton & Mark Wahlberg headlining the cast. -- INSIDE JOB - fast-paced bank robbery flick with Clive OWen & Denzel Washington. -- THE SCORE - Edward Norton, Robert De Niro & Marlon Brando star in a twisty heist caper.

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