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In the movie Citizen Kane, what did the narrators believe "Rosebud" was?

There was several characters.. none of them knew exactly what Rosebud was, but what did they think it was?
I am not sure if any one of the narrators believe it was anything in particular. They all have guesses of what it could be, but no one specifically mentions what they truly thought it was. The narrators were the few people who knew Kane the most, but even they didnt truly know him, much less what his dying words meant. They each knew things others didnt - kind of like having pieces of a puzzle, but not enough to put it all together. Hence, the continued use of jigsaw puzzles throughout the film. Thats kind of the point of their multimple narratives. Kane was known by everyone, but not really "known" by anybody. I am not even sure he knew himself.

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