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In Cool Hand Luke,after viewing the film, what functions of correctional systems (retribution, deterrence, reh?

After viewing the film, what functions of correctional systems (retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, & social protection) are being served by the the camp and the chain gang that goes with it? Give examples of why you think that they are served?
retribution Certainly shown in the beatings, hard labor, poor food, and general de-humaized way priosoners are treated. Note how that Sheriff in AZ gets press for serving poor food and making male priosoners were pink panties. deterrence this doent seem to work, most criminal there due to alcohol, poverty, carreer criminality. so they were not thinking about the punishement or realize it was a risk to be taken inot account. rehab? are you kidding they tech better ways not to get caught and how to committ other crimes. they do not stop alchol/drug theat lead to prision; they did not teach new skills or educate the prisoners. social protections - keeps criminals off streets for a short time but long run there is not reduction of crime by controlling drug alchol, education, moral develpement. So send even better criminals back to attack, rob, scam people - in long run it hurts society. society pays high cost of prisn pays to support the familes or suffers from crime of family who need to get income someway. deterrence, rehabilitation, & social protection)

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