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In the movie field of dreams, where do the ghosts of the ballplayers live in the corn?

do they live in like the cities where they played ball and can relive their lives?
they dont reveal... thats the mystery of the movie. at the end when joe jackson asks if "he" wants to come with them and ray goes "do you mean it?" and joe jackson replies "no not you.... Him." referring to terrance mann. and at one point terrance goes "what is out there" and joe goes "come and find out." i think he was going to take him to the old Ebbets field where terry dreamed of playing and was interviewed saying how sad he was not able to play there, because they tore it down. i think it was Heaven though, and that Heaven is the place "where dreams come true," and that anything is possible there, even Ebbets field. but i dont believe they were in cities or such. because joe jackson at the beginning asked if he was in heaven to ray kinsella, and ray told him it was iowa and joe looked shocked. and at the end his dad john kinsella asked if it was Heaven too. i think the players felt like they were still in Heaven being on that field. and thats pretty much the best explanation of what i think the corn led them to. did you know that weather forecasters at the shooting of the night scene at the beginning of the movie said there should not have been fog whatsoever, but there was a TON of it surrounding the field when joe jackson was leaving. interesting i think. also the film composer james horner ( fantastic job ) was given the script to see if he would do the movie, and they found him in another room or something balling his eyes out lol... of course he accepted. ive been to the Field twice now. its pretty unreal when you first get there, but confusing as hell to find it.

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