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What ghost movie is this?

im pretty sure i wont find the proper answer cause i dont have much info but its a ghost movie, i dont remember if it was a scary movie or not. but what i remember is there was this young girl (ghost?) in a white simple dress and bunch of other kids (i think) i think they lived in the woods or by the grave yard or something. it was foggy(i think) thats about all i got. i remember i really loved it as a kid. if youve seen papillon how the ending of that movie as the credits roll it shows bunch of uninhabited land and its kinda give you that quiet and creepy and sad feeling? thats the kinda feeling i got from this movie so anyone out there who might know? it was made before mid 80s. i think it might be watcher in the woods but not quit sure till i see it all. not others not wicked little
I was thinking "The Others" with Nicole Kidman?

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