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How can I contact a living person from Stalag Luft 3 (The Great Escape)?

Hello, I am doing a giant 10 page essay on The Great Escape movie compared to Stalag Luft 3/ the real great escape. I need all the info I can get, so I was wondering if anybody knows of a person(s) who is still alive from Stlag Luft 3 who I can contact (email/snailmail). A German officer from the camp would be insanely amazing, but anybody involved with Stalag Luft 3 would be awesome. I appreciate any responses to help me with this interview. Thanks!
try contacting United Artists. Tim Carroll wrote a book "The Great Escapers" you might be able to contact him thru Mainstream Publishing Tim Carroll wrote that, in 2004, only seven of these men were alive. Since then, the deaths of Jimmy James and Sydney Dowse have been widely reported in the British press, which would leave Tony Bethell in Canada, Les Brodrick in South Africa, Dick Churchill in Devon, Paul Royle in Australia, and Mike Shand in New Zealand to tell the tale.

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