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would Holyfield have been able to beat the same Buster Douglas that fought Tyson?

Douglas was clearly out of shape and fought sloppy against Evander. the Douglas that beat Tyson could have beaten just about anyone.
I have always been a fan of buster Douglas up until he fought Evander Holyfield if you look at any Douglas fights you will see he was a good looking athlete good foot movement great jab good hand speed big good combination puncher and had some power his only problem was he never wanted it that bad. He quit against Tony Tucker in a fight he could have easily won. Now about him beating Evander Holyfield I could see him wining but he would not have won Holyfield would have been all over Douglas and Douglas would have quit just like the Tucker fight. This is a great question these are the things I think about in past fights what if. Styles make fights and timing and Buster caught Tyson on the right day but here is my problem with this whole thing Tyson really won the fight this fight should have been over when Tyson knocked Douglas down but the ref screwed it up. Tyson was never the same and the rest is history.

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