How to Lose Belly Fat

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How can you reduce high cholesterol naturally with diet and exercise?

I have been having tingling fingers, somewhat numb tongue, vertigo feeling and I am concerned that it may be high cholesterol . I have been tested in the past and my numbers have been right at border line. My blood sugars are fine and my blood pressure was fine this morning. Would anyone who has high cholesterol know if your symptoms are in the danger zone? Please advise. Thanks.
High cholesterol is technically not an ailment but a condition or rather an indicator that your body has too much fat in the blood. Definitely can be lowered with a healthy diet focusing on low fat, low cholesterol food (no red meat), high fiber and regular exercise. Before your doctor put you on any anti-cholesterol medication, try to cleanse your body with natural remedy like almond, oatmeal in which the soluble fiber does a great job to remove the cholesterol to your stool and out of your body. For a list of top natural remedy for high cholesterol, check out

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