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Should the Chicago Blackhawks put all home games on TV?

For a log time, the Chicago Blackhawks home games, have been very rarely seen on TV, and the only games that was shown on TV, are the ones that they play outside of Chicago. But should the Chicago Blackhawks start having all home games on TV, why or why not? For the 2nd season in a row, the Chicago Blackhawks will be airing some home games at the United Center on TV. And the first of 7 games this season, was shown yesterday.
As a long time suffering Hawks fan, putting the nine home games they have plannned is fine by me. I would love to see more, but local sports stations make their broadcast schedules up to one year in advance, to at least block out for certain prgramming rights and schedules. We do already see every road game too. I expect to see the list grow, but anticipate not more than three more additional games be added to the already decent list they have come up with. Definitely expect to see the full season broadcast next season Go Hawks!

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