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Best Right handed goalie?

Seeing Dipietro tonight got me wondering in your opinion who was the best right handed gloved goalie in NHL history? Grant Fuhr? Not a good idea. Geez Haley-Am I going to have to change my name again?
Without a doubt, Bob Decourcy. Man that was smoking in 1947 against Boston. lmao. I will name a few that happened to catch with their right hand and played a handful of years: Mike Palmateer Grant Fuhr Jose Theodore Tony Esposito Pat Jablonski Tom Barrasso Glen Hanlon Pat Riggin Don Simmons Roger Crozier Gilles Villemure Dave Kerr, lol Daren Puppa Greg Millen Roman Turek Tomas Vokoun Alex Connell, lol Grant Fuhr was great and most likely has best statically, but personal I like Tom Barasso and Tony Esposito. I like Barasso because he always had a coolness about him on the ice. I like Tony because without Phil and him there would be no hockey in Tampa. *****I was guessing this was a prev question. I was going to answer, "So if goaltenders catch with their right, do they do the Mono-Mambo with their right?"

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